Tree Removal Licensing Information


Licensing Requirements:

Age: Must be at least 18 years of age.

Experience:In order to verify an applicant’s experience, the applicant will be required to provide evidence of a minimum of four (4) years active experience in the trade within the last eight (8) years immediately preceding the filing of the application from practicing contractor in the field for which the applicant is applying, or from contractors possessing a more qualified license. Such evidence shall be in the form of a least two (2) notarized documents (supplied with application form) which show proof of the required years active experience. Such experience must meet the criteria as set forth by Board Rule.

""/Testing: Must obtain a passing score on the Tree Removal and Business Procedures tests.

Application Fee: Must make a check, in the amount of $85 USD, payable to the Hernando County Development Department.

Credit Reports: A business and personal credit report from a state approved credit bureau. The reports MUST be mailed DIRECTLY to CONTRACTOR CERTIFICATION from the credit bureau. It is the applicant’s responsibility to request this report from the credit bureau. For an applicant not currently, duly licensed in any local jurisdiction, only a personal credit report will be necessary.

Financial Statements: A business and personal financial statement must be supplied for those contractors/subcontractors already duly licensed in another county. Only a personal financial statement will be required for an applicant not currently duly licensed in any local jurisdiction.

Submitting Application Form: Must submit complete application form along with supporting documentation and a small picture of you to HERNANDO COUNTY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT Contractor Licensing Division at 789 Providence Blvd Brooksville, FL 34601.

Additional Supporting Documentation (After Approval):

$5,000.00 Bond made out to the Hernando County Board of County Commissioners.

Liability Insurance in the applicable amount; (Hernando County must be listed as a certificate holder).

Workers’ compensation or valid Workers’ Compensation Exemption.

Must make a check, in the amount of $200 USD (competency card), payable to the Hernando County Development Department.

Jon Davis Tree Service is both licensed and insured. Specializing in unsafe tree removal, Jon Davis Tree Service can ensure not only does the job get done properly, but they will be covered by the county when the work gets done.
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