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Craigslist Tree Services

"/Mostly what I’m talking about is tree service ads on Craigslist. I like craigslist quite a bit. I run many ads on craigslist from selling barrels to pigs. I give away free firewood and mulch on craigslist.

But craigslist is what it is. The craigslist ads that are posted in Hernando County under tree removal are monitored by the county and some of the licensed tree companies. The county periodically goes through craigslist to see what unlicensed companies are advertising tree removal, since in Hernando County it’s illegal to remove trees without a contractor’s license. You’re not allowed to run ads that say tree removal unless you’re licensed.

Since you have to have a license to remove trees, but you can trim off branches without a license. You have companies trying to fool you and make it look like they are licensed. So they will run their ad saying, “Tree trimming. We meet all your tree needs”. Or they’ll run their ad under Pasco for tree removal or licensed tree service. In the ad it will say in surrounding counties. Or they’ll run their ad in Hernando saying, “We are a full service tree service”. Or they’ll run their ads under Hernando saying, “Tree service yes we are insured”. Two words they cannot say if they’re posting under Hernando without a license is: “Tree removal” or “Licensed”. Some will try to trick you by saying small tree removal. Because you are allowed to bush hog over saplings which are considered small trees, and are legal to run over. Any tree less than three inches is not considered a tree in Hernando County. Another thing they try to sneak in by saying things like “Tree service trimming and downed tree removal”. Because if you have a dead old tree that’s been lying on the ground in the lot next door for two years, you don’t need a license to remove it. But if the tree is standing dead or alive it requires a license larger than three inches in Hernando County.

In the whole year of 2014, I only saw four licensed tree companies advertise tree removal, under Hernando County. And they are Jon Davis Tree Service, USA Tree Service, Gardners Tree and Fence and Dougs Tree and Stump Grinding. When you see an ad on craigslist, if it says licensed or tree removal remember it’s not necessarily true, even though it’s a misdemeanor to run the ad and a felony to do the work. The county has a procedure to remove the ads; they email them telling them to stop, call them to tell them to stop, and send them a certified letter telling them to stop. And ultimately they can take the sheriff’s department and serve them with papers and a fine. But the nice thing about them running their ads saying tree removal or licensed, is that the county gathers and collects the information. So now during the next sting, when the county calls a tree service out for an estimate they can’t yell entrapment by the county because they ran an ad saying tree removal and or licensed in Hernando County. This also goes for the flyer and the scene, a business card or a previous estimate they’ve given.

If you read my earlier articles, you’ve seen the two questions I ask my customers: Where did you hear about me? And what tree service did you use last time? When they say craigslist the first thing I do is give them a list of licensed tree companies. And I give them a list of the ones advertising on craigslist that are not licensed. I give them the county licensing department number 352-754-4050 and tell them to call before they hire anybody. I also recommend to them since we’re trying to cut back on the unlicensed tree guys and scammers, that they go ahead and let the unlicensed tree guy give them an estimate. And then turn all that information over to the county; estimate, business card, license plate number, because the county will appreciate it and use it in their next sting.

Many of these guys try to give you the old sob story that the county wants all the money and they can give you a better price because they don’t have all the over head. But even if an unlicensed tree service carries insurance, it doesn’t cover tree removal cause they are not licensed for it. Their insurance company isn’t going to cover tree removal for someone that does general landscaping or lawn mowing. No more than their going to cover landscaping insurance for dental work.

By hiring that licensed tree company, you’re stimulating the economy and protecting yourself. You’re protecting yourself because; they have insurance, bond, license, workman’s comp and or filed exempt. So they or their workers cannot sue you if they get hurt on your property. And you’re covered if they damage anything. At the same time the unlicensed company is not stimulating the economy or protecting you. Most of the unlicensed guys pay their help in cash. if they’re getting paid in cash under the table. They can still collect workman’s comp if they have a claim; they can collect unemployment because they’re getting paid in cash. Food stamps, welfare, Medicaid. And I’ve even had people ask me if I’d pay them under the table so they could keep collecting these benefits, course I said no. And they’re not protecting you, because they or their workers can sue you if they get hurt on your property.

The licensed tree companies are stimulating the economy because they’re paying taxes, and their employees are paying taxes. They’re paying federal taxes, Medicare, unemployment taxes and social security. So next time you think about hiring any john doe off of craigslist, and you don’t care whether they’re licensed or not. Think about what you’re doing to the economy by saving fifty to hundred bucks and the gamble your taking by having someone unlicensed working on your property.

And for you unlicensed guys that are doing tree removal: next time you get a call for an estimate — it might be an undercover sting. Good luck.

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Craigslist Tree Service
Date Published: 02/24/2015
This was a great article, well written and very informative.

How I Keep My Customers

Jon Davis Tree Service
Spring Hill FL

The first thing I ask my new customers is, “Where did you hear about me? And who did you use last time to cut your trees?”

The reason I ask them where they heard about me is because I want to know where my spring hill tree service advertising dollars are working. By keeping my advertising cost down, I can keep the price of the tree work down for my customers.

I remember once I advertised at the movie theater here in spring hill and they had little pamphlets they handed out about the movie theater and it had ads in it. During the six months I advertised in the movie pamphlet, I never had one person tell me they got my number from the movie flyer. The funny thing is I did have three people call me wanting to know what movies are playing this week. That being said, one of my most important things for my customers is keeping my advertising price down. It’s a win-win and everybody saves money.

I also ask them, “Who did your trees last time?” And why didn’t they call them back?

This has taught me over the years, what customers don’t like. Because I want them to call me back. I realize even though I’m the boss over my crew, I’m not the boss on the job. The customer is the one that pays us, and the more customers we keep over the years. The less you spend on advertising.

Some of the reasons I’ve heard from customers for not hiring their previous tree service is:

Several people have told me that they broke something, usually a sprinkler, and said they’d come back and fix it but never did. Fixing a sprinkler is very easy and cheap usually under ten dollars. And it’s very stupid to lose a customer over ten dollars.

Other stories I’ve heard which 99% of the time is that an unlicensed tree guy got paid before the job was completed, but never completed the job.

Other reasons are, they didn’t do what I asked them to. I went to an estimate once in Spring Hill and it looked like all the trees had been trimmed, there was still saw dust on the ground. The lady pointed up at that one limb, and said she wanted that one limb removed. She said she asked the other tree company that did all her trimming, but they told her the limb would be alright. They didn’t want to go back up in the tree to do it. That was ten years ago and since then I’ve done over two thousand dollars worth of work for her over the years. And have gotten two or three referrals from her to do her neighbors trees, and a few referrals from their neighbors. So if you think about it, it cost that tree company six or seven thousand dollars worth of work they didn’t get, because they didn’t cut that one branch. Many people do not understand that you have to kiss that customers heinie and give them 100% satisfaction.

I’ve heard several customers tell me that the last tree company did a good job, but they threw cigarette butts in my yard. I had a customer tell me that the last tree company the guy asked to use the restroom, and it really made him feel uncomfortable. He didn’t want to say yes but he did any way. Then all the sudden everybody’s got to use the restroom. You should never ask the customer for anything, they are not there to serve you. You are there to serve them. I’ve had customers tell me that the last tree company, one of the guys peed in his bushes. I’ve had them tell me their truck leaked oil in my drive way. The workers used the” F” word every other word. They didn’t blow the saw dust off my roof. They didn’t rake up good enough. They didn’t blow off the road. They left a mess in the neighbors yard. They put ruts in my grass.

There’s more ways to lose a customer than there is to keep a customer.

So before I knock on the door and ask for my check. I have my guys do a walk around to make sure everything got raked up good and that there is no sticks or brush in the yard anywhere. Also that the road, driveway, and roof are all blown off good. Then I get the customer and have them look at the trees and see if there’s anything else they want done. Maybe ONE more branch cut. Then I ask them if they want to turn on their sprinklers and test them to make sure they are all still working. Then I wait for that famous sentence: You and your guys did a great job. I’ll be calling you back next time I need a tree service. And then after they’re 100% happy. I ask to get paid.


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Jon Davis Tree Service
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Tree service for Spring Hill residents. This article explains how I keep my customers
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The Tree Services Info that Angies List Leaves Out

This article is related to the Angies List Tree services in the way that it helps specify the businesses you should stay away from due to the lack of licensing. Ok I’m getting ready to piss off alot of people. I’m going to take you on a journey of the world wide web. Sitting in front of my computer and I’m going to type in tree removal “springhill fl” and I’m going to see how many unlicensed tree companies come up. This is for Hernando County FL. Ok first thing comes up is yellowpages.com and

  • tree servicing pros – NOT LICENSED

Not only are they not licensed they are not a tree company. They sell leads so if you call them they will sell your number to other tree companies.

  • TRI county tree experts – NOT LICENSED
  • Dwight’s Landscaping – NOT LICENSED
  • M & M’s Tree Service -NOT LICENSED
  • L-Cheapo Tree Service- NOT LICENSED
  • Tree Masters Tree Service-NOT LICENSED
  • Artistic Tree care-NOT LICENSED
  • State Wide Property Preservation -NOT LICENSED
  • Jack Of All Trades -NOT LICENSED
  • Sierra Tree Service -NOT LICENSED
  • Jackson Tree and Landscaping- NOT LICENSED
  • Went Worth Tree Service-NOT LICENSED
  • Tremendous Tree Service -NOT LICENSED
  • Jared Mares-NOT LICENSED (and in prison)
  • Top Notch Tree Service -NOT LICENSED
  • J G S Lawn Service -NOT LICENSED
  • Stump Removal -NOT LICENSED
  • Mike Sederquist-NOT LICENSED
  • Sieber Tree Service -NOT LICENSED
  • Discount Tree Service-NOT LICENSED

All those tree services come up under “tree removal in spring hill fl” and none of them are licensed to remove trees in Hernando County. Angies List does not mention if any of these tree services are licensed or not. I didn’t list the ones that were licensed yet. Now next ad after the yellowpages.com ad is


Not only are they not licensed they are not a tree company. They sell your phone number to other tree companies. The next relevant ad is BBB which lists

  • All weather tree and landscaping – NOT LICENSED
  • Omgea Tree and Nursery – NOT LICENSED
  • Hyde’s Landscaping – NOT LICENSED
  • Stutz-man Brothers Tree service – NOT LICENSED
  • now we go down to the next relavent ad which is yellow book. They take you to
  • 3 Seasons lawn and landscaping – NOT LICENSED
  • Nathans B3 Lawn – NOT LICENSED
  • Stumps -R –US – NOT LICENSED
  • Mikes Tree Service – NOT LICENSED
  • A Whole Tree Service – NOT LICENSED
  • Absolute Tree Service – NOT LICENSED
  • A Cut Above Tree Service – NOT LICENSED
  • The next relevant is for superpages. They advertise
  • Chopper Tree Service – NOT LICENSED

Well I think you get my point there is ad after add for unlicensed tree company’s. There are more unlicensed tree companies running ads. Then there are licensed companies here are a few more unlicensed companies I know off the top of my head working in Hernando County.

  • Big Bear Tree Service – NOT LICENSED
  • Veterans Tree Service – NOT LICENSED
  • Terrys hauling – NOT LICENSED
  • R-B Tree Service – NOT LICENSED
  • Affordable Tree Service – NOT LICENSED
  • Wilsons Tree Service – NOT LICENSED
  • Tippy Tree Service – NOT LICENSED (and he’s in jail)

And then there is a bunch of companies that drive around and knock on your door and change their name weekly.

So if you want a real truly licensed tree service in Hernando County Florida (jondavistreeservice.com 352-799-3494), call the county licensing department at 352-754-4050 or call one of the licensed companies I’ve listed below

  • A-z tree services – Yes Licensed
  • Jason Willis – Yes Licensed
  • Juan Sanchez tree service-Yes Licensed
  • Panzers tree service-Yes Licensed
  • The Davey tree service-Yes Licensed
  • BJ’s landscaping and tree -Yes Licensed
  • John’s tree trimming -Yes Licensed
  • Kenjo INC-Yes Licensed
  • Tree care by Robert Miller -Yes Licensed
  • Dailey tree service-Yes Licensed
  • Jon Davis tree service-Yes Licensed
  • Michael John complete-Yes Licensed
  • Rhonda tree service-Yes Licensed
  • USA tree service-Yes Licensed

If you use a licensed company that I’ve listed or you call the county for the list you will find that these are companies that are licensed, insured, bonded – with workmen’s comp or exempt.  They know how to properly trim-prune and remove trees. But you could just call me

Jon Davis Tree Service 352-799-3494 THANK YOU!

Jon Davis Tree Service
Tree Service
A look into Angies List Tree Services. Providing detailed information about licensed and unlicensed tree services.
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Yellow Pages Handy Man

Tree service verses jack of all trades or handy man. A handy man or jack of all trades, let’s just use the word handy man. A handy man might be good to take out a light and install a ceiling fan or change a washer in a dripping sink. Many of times it’s cheaper to use a handy man for these things. One reason is you can avoid the service call charge an electrician or plumber may charge. But of course if you were wiring a whole house you would call an electrician, not a handy man, or you would call a plumber, if you were building a new house, and wanted all the plumbing installed, not a handy man. A handy man is just that. He’s not an electrician he’s not a plumber and he’s not a doctor. Just because he can put a band-aid on his kid doesn’t make him a doctor. So when you want your tree removed or trimmed, don’t call a handy man or a doctor instead call a licensed tree service. When looking for that tree service make sure they are a true tree service.

If you see an ad in the yellow pages that says tree service — we do pressure washing- painting -trimming hedges- painting your dogs butt red. That’s not an ad from a true tree service. A true tree services ad will say tree removal- tree trimming- tree pruning. Be very weary of yellow pages tree service ads.

It will not say anything about painting-pressure washing or hauling of trash.

In Hernando County Florida you need a tree removal contractor’s license. In order to get this license you have to pass a test. You have to carry insurance, a bond, and workmen’s comp or file exempt. There’s a background check done on your financial and criminal history. At the same time a handy man does not require any kind of license in Hernando County.

So when looking for a tree service, your first step should be calling the county licensing department.

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Spring Hill FL


Great article representing what you would find in the Yellow Pages under Tree Services.
Yellow Pages Handy Man
Date Published: 03/16/2015
Great information to help you choose a respectable and licensed tree service.
5 / 5 stars

I say, beware of home advisors tree pro’s and companies like them. As far as I can see these company’s make tree prices higher. Number one I believe they give you a false sense of giving you a professional company. If you look in their terms under licensing. Home advisor says,

“Home Advisor may display licensing information provided by service professionals on the service professionals profile pages. However Home Advisor does not confirm:

#1 the accuracy, of any such licensing information.
#2 that any such license is active or in good standing.
#3 that any such license is appropriate for the task for which you are seeking a service professional.

We recommend you confirm all licensing requirements before proceeding with your project. Large projects often require the use of sub-contractors for specific types of work. For example a kitchen remodel may require an electrician or plumber. We recommend you verify that all sub-contractors doing work on your project carry the appropriate license.”

So as far as I can see, they are saying we are sending you licensed professionals to your home. But basically we don’t know if their licensed or professional so check into it for yourself. The other problem I have with these companies is that they can control the reviews you put on their websites. I personally went on home advisors reviews. I put reviews telling people that the company was not licensed, it was a tree service. This tree service was being sent to peoples house and they were not licensed. So I put in my review that they were not licensed and surprisingly enough my review never appeared on home advisors reviews. So this shows you that if your paying a company like home advisors 3 to 5 hundred dollars a month they don’t want bad reviews posted about you. When Home Advisor called me and asked me to advertise with them. They told me that they would send me leads of people that wanted tree work done. It would cost me 17 dollars for every lead they gave me. And they would send the leads out to only three other company’s. So basically their making 51 dollars per lead. So I’m paying them 17 dollars whether I get the job or not. So if you think about it I’m averaging about 51 dollars a lead. Who do you think pays for that. That 51 dollars has to be paid for by somebody so its passed on to the customers tree price. But don’t worry about that with me, cause I wont use Home Advisor Tree Pros or any company like it. I recommend three places when looking for a professional. The Better Business Bureau because they keep companies walking a professional line. And the county licensing department they know who’s licensed and they pull shady contractors’ licenses. I also recommend Google if you Google the phone number or the company name you should come up with lots of information about the company. If nothing comes up beware they could be real new or unlicensed. This was brought to you by Jon Davis Tree Service jondavistreeservice.com Spring Hill, FL  34604.  352-799-3494

The first thing you should do when looking for a tree service is call the county and get a list of the companies that are licensed in the your county. Now that you got it narrowed down to the licensed tree companies, go to the better business bureau web page and check the reviews on those companies. (more…)

Door Knockers

Door knockers are these people who come by unannounced and knock on your door. They come by and ask you if you need tree work done. Beware of this scam! Most professional companies that are licensed advertise, they don’t knock on your door and ask for work.  Most counties you can’t advertise for something you’re not licensed for. So since the door knockers can’t advertise they sneak around and try to come up with other ways to procure the job. A very high percentage of the door knockers are “criminals” who can’t get a license. In the tree business we call them ghost tree services – that’s because, it’s hard to trace them.  They constantly change the name of their tree service and their phone number so that the county can’t catch up with them.  We have one here in town and the Hernando county has been trying to catch up with them.  This Hernando county tree company is one you really need to avoid. In a month and a half he went from R&B tree service to affordable tree service to top notch tree service.  He bids jobs and tries to get half the money up front, and once he gets half the money upfront he never comes back to do the job.  Another one of his scams is he will start the job and then brings you the bills. When you pay him he goes to get lunch and he never comes back.  This is why he has to change his name every week.  The best thing you can do when someone knocks on your door is tell them you don’t need anything right now cause you don’t have any money.  After they leave call 911 and tell them someone knocked on your door asking for work.  Describe what they looked like to the police if they have time they will send a unit out to stop and question them.  A lot of times they will have a stolen trailer, no drive license, or no truck insurance. So to help clean up your neighborhood and door knockers, I recommend you always call the police on door knockers and let them decide if they are a professional company or a professional criminal, so you can stay anonymous.  When you are looking for a tree service call the county licensing department. They can send you where to go online to find the license companies.

Brought to you by jondavistreeservice.com Spring Hill, FL 34604. 352-799-3494

Tree company in Hernando county. Tree removal and tree trimming services.
Door knockers
Date Published: 02/05/2015
Awesome article. Do you know how many people have come to my door. I am glad that I procrastinated. Hernando county must be filled with these door knockers. Now, off to make an informed decision, thank you very much!
5 / 5 stars

What tree company should I use?

If you live in Hernando county Florida you should use Jon Davis tree service. http://jondavistreeservice.com/ 352-799-3494. The first thing you should do when looking for a tree service is call the county and get a list of the licensed tree companies. Okay now that you got it narrowed down to the licensed tree company’s. Go to the better business bureau web page and check out the reviews on all those tree companies. Knowing if the company is one of the accredited BBB Tree Services will give you peace of mind. The thing with the better business bureau is that the only way a company can fix a bad review is by making the customer happy. And then the original review is still there for you to read it just tells you how the company took care of the problem. But with some of the other companies like yelp and yellowpgaes.com you may not get an accurate review. Anybody can put reviews on there whether they had work done or not. So another tree company can put bad reviews on another tree company. Or if you fire an employee they can put a bad review on you saying you came out to their house and did a job and dropped a tree on their house. It doesn’t have to be true on these sites. I personally put a review on yellowpages.com my review was posted on an unlicensed company. My review said this company is not licensed. The company was advertising with yellowpages.com and yellowpages.com removed the review for them. If you’re paying a company to advertise with them, 9 out of 10 times, they will remove a bad review. The better business bureau will not they will just show how you fixed the problem. I always go with someone who is credited by the better business bureau. It just seems like these business’s since there credited want to make their customers happy. Because they don’t want any bad reviews, it’s bad for business. Now that you have it narrowed down. Use licensed tree companies. Use a high rating like an A rating with the better business bureau. Then by making sure they’re credited with the BBB. Tree services accredited by the BBB are held by a higher standard. Now you should have your search narrowed down to just a handful or less. Now it’s time to look at their websites, and you should be able to narrow it down to at least three tree services. Now call them up and get an estimate. By using this procedure I think you will see that you have narrowed it down to the best of the best. And you won’t have some guy come knocking on your door with a Bud Light in his hand to do your tree work.


The Better Business Bureau shows licensed tree services in their listings. Be sure to pick the ones that will do good by you.
Brand: BBB
Manufacturer: Jon Davis Tree Service
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5 based on 524 reviews


Most tree companies do not include the price for the stumps, when they give you a price on tree removal. Stumps are usually extra. Although most tree companies do have a stump grinder or someone they recommend.

Most stumps are ground down 4 inches under ground level. Stumps can be a hazard in many ways. If stumps are left up 6 to 8 inches , you can back over it and tear out under your vehicle. If they are left 3 to 4 inches, you could tear up your lawn mower. If you leave 1 or 2 inches, grandma or the neighbor could trip over them.

Grandma might not sue you, but the neighbor might!

You just can’t cut stumps low enough with a chainsaw to keep them from being a dangerous hazard.
I cut trees in Hernando county Florida, Brooksville, Spring hill, and Weeki wachi. I usually spray my stumps with orange marking paint, because we have a unusually high amount of lawyers in hernando county.

When we at Jon Davis tree service & removal LLC remove trees for the county, they have us grind the stumps or leave them up 4 inches to avoid liability. I would always recommend you to have the stumps removed if you have the money on hand. Other then having it ground out or dug out, there is no other quick way for a stump to disappear. Jon Davis Tree Service removes stumps just as USA Tree Company and Service does.

While a small palm stump may rot away in 6 months, a big oak stump may take up to 20 years. There are products they have out to help speed up the process of decay like stump rot. Found out stores such as, Wal- mart, Lowes, and Home depot, ect.

But the best way is just to have it ground out. That will do away with all hazardous liability.
Compare our pricing to USA Tree Company or Service pricing.

For further questions call Jon Davis tree service & removal LLC @ (352) 799- 3494

Specializing in dangerous tree removal, Jon Davis Tree Service cna handle any job both big and small. Licensed, bonded and insured - make sure you call the professionals that can handle the job properly.
USA Tree Company
Date Published: 03/04/2015
I'm always worried about my trees, I never thought to worry about the stumps. Thank you for opening my eyes a bit, I never realized the hazards and potential danger that could occur from having stumps in the yard.
5 / 5 stars