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Tree removal cost is not something you can do over the phone or by a picture. Tree removal costs can vary in all tree companies A-Z. There are way to many things involved in giving an estimate. Lets name a few:

  • One thing, of course is the size of the tree.
  • Can the tree be climbed or does it have dead branches on it?
  • A dead tree usually requires a bucket truck, which can leave ruts in the yard and brake sprinkles. These are cost for the tree company cause they have to repair ruts and sprinkles.
  • Is the tree hanging over the house
  • Is the tree hanging over the garage
  • Is the tree hanging over the fence ,etc.
  • Is the tree in the front or back yard?
  • A dead tree in the back yard might require part of the fence to be removed to position the boom truck near the tree. This once again is more cost to the tree company.
  • You also have to take in consideration is there power lines nearby. Lots of home owners and unlicensed tree men are killed by power lines each year. Most counties require a person to be line man certified when working within 15 ft of high powered electrical lines.
  • Other factors are how close you can get your equipment to the tree. It is going be much cheaper if you can back your equipment to the tree and load straight into the chipper. If you have to drag limbs and dolly logs 200 yards to your trucks, the price is definitely going to go up.
  • Sometimes when you are working for big corporations or real-estate companies. They want you to do a big paper work game. Faxing, insurance, bond, license, quote, before and after pictures.
  • Some company’s may charge different, depending on whether your paying with cash, credit card, or check.
  • Some jobs maybe a little cheaper if the tree is pecan or hickory cause the firewood sells for high dollar and the a-z tree company might split it and sell it.
  • If you want the tree company to just put the tree on the ground for you and you deal with the wood the price would be cheaper.
  • There is also emergency service. If you have a tree on your house at 1:00 am Sunday morning and it’s raining, your going to pay up to four times more than you normally would.
  • The more danger and or man hours that are required for the job the more your going to pay.


These are just a few things that are going to be factored into a job to determine the price. There are just way to many variables to give an estimate without personally looking at the trees.

For any other questions call or write JON DAVIS TREE SERVICE at jondavistreeservice.com or call 352-799-3494. Spring Hill, Florida.

Jon Davis Tree Service not only is a licensed, insured and bonded tree care company in Hernando County - but they strive to not only meet your expectations, but they push forward to beat your expectations.
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Date Published: 03/17/2015
This is a great article cause it gives you a checklist of things to look for if you need a tree service company or not - a lot of things that I didn't realize, but now I know. Thanks a lot!
5 / 5 stars