Why you should hire a Hernando County tree service even if you live in Pasco or Citrus.

Pasco – In Pasco, in order to get a tree removal license the only qualifications that are required, you must be 18 and have a valid Florida I.D. Then the license you receive is ONLY an occupational license. There is NO experience or background check required.

"/Citrus – If you are licensed in Pasco, to get a license in Citrus you pay a $20 registration fee. No other experience is required or a background check.

Hernando – Requires you register with the state. You have to be a Limited Liability Company or Corporation. You have to register your company name with sunbiz. You must have work man’s compensation or file exempt if you qualify. They do a financial background check on you. They do a financial background check on your business. You must be insured as well as bonded. You also have to PROVE you know how to trim and remove trees properly, through experience or testing. You are also required to have a criminal background check completed on you. After you have all of these steps completed, your paper work is then sent before the board and they make a decision.

I am licensed in Hernando County as a Tree Removal Contractor. My compensation, bond, insurance is all in order. My father owned a tree business for years. I was born into the business and have several years of experience. I have also gone to the Contractors Institute and taken classes in laws and rules , Florida statute 489 and F.A.C , advanced code class , principles of risk management & legal liability , workplace safety, workers compensation, business practices, F.S chapter 455-business & professional regulation , and wind mitigation methodologies.

I personally believe that Pasco and Citrus should require some kind of experience before giving out tree licenses. However, who you choose to do business with is a decision you will have to make on your own.

352-799-3494 http://www.jondavistreeservice.com/

Hernando County for licensing information call 352-754-4050
Pasco County for licensing information call 727-847-8126
Citrus County for licensing information call 352-341-6400 ‎

Now, you can make an educated decision on who to call. I am just informing you because must people don’t know how easy it is to get a license in some counties.

Don't be fooled by a deal that is to good to be true. Do your research before you hire someone to cut your trees - are they licensed in the county? Are they insured? Jon Davis Tree Service is licensed, bonded and insured for your safety.
Why you should hire a Hernando County tree service even if you live in Pasco or Citrus.
Date Published: 02/19/2015
I totally agree that all counties should require a license to do tree removal. Tree removal is no joke and can be very dangerous if not left to the professionals - we don't let people without a license drive a car, why can they use a chainsaw?
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