How Confident Are You In Your Tree Service?


How confident are you in your tree service?

In the city of Brooksville FL there is no license required to remove trees, although I believe one should be required. A license would help protect the customer. A customer should be confident that their tree man knows what he’s doing. Due to strict licensing customers can have confidence in their tree company. Any person with a chainsaw and truck can remove trees in the city of Brooksville. There is no way any Tom, Dick or Harry should be removing your trees. Just because a person buys a $40.00 sign and slips it on his truck does not mean he knows a thing about tree removal.

Many people are killed or injured every year doing tree work. Tree removal is very dangerous. To cover yourself, you should always check their insurance. Do not just ask if they have it, look at it check the name, date, county or city. Hernando County requires a license to remove trees outside Brooksville city limits. Brooksville should require and use Hernando’s license. After all Brooksville is in Hernando County. Hernando not only requires a license but also insurance and a bond. Even if you live in the city of Brooksville it’s a good idea to hire a Hernando county licensed tree company. By doing so you know the county has already checked them out for you. The county not only makes sure they know tree work; they do a criminal background check. Many of the tree workers working in Brooksville cannot pass the criminal background check. If they cannot work in the county do you really want them working for you? Protect yourself. Hire a licensed contractor.

About Jon Davis

Jon Davis Tree Service & Removal LLC is owned by Jon Davis. Jon was born in the business. He started at 12 years old burning brush. By age 14 he was splitting firewood with an axe. At age 16 he bought a wood splitter from tractor supply. He was in business for himself, selling firewood. From 16 to 18 years old Jon worked weekends for his father’s tree company. Jon started working full time for his father at age 18. By the age 19 Jon was licensed by Hernando County, but it was not without a fight. Some thought he was too young, but his knowledge and experience won out. He was the youngest person to receive a tree contractor license in Hernando County. He has since taken over his father’s business.


From trimming your palms to removing the mighty oak hanging over your house, you can count on us. We remove limbs over garages, houses, and powerlines. We use experienced climbers whenever possible, but we use lifts only when the job requires it. We try not to bring heavy equipment in your yard (only when necessary). We also have firewood year-round.
How Confident Are You In Your Tree Service?
Date Published: 03/18/2015
I couldn't agree more with this article. Anyone swinging a chainsaw around in my yard should be insured! Who is responsible when a limb falls on my roof and does damage? I'm not paying for there mistakes - seriously, great read.
5 / 5 stars

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