Licensing in Brooksville


I guess you could say in reality there are no Brooksville tree removal companies. Simply because Brooksville doesn’t require a license nor does it offer a license. The city of Brooksville should offer a tree removal license to protect its residents. By using a licensed company you know the city, county, or state has already done the research you need to know. Or at least has the name, ID, and address of the company’s owner. Therefore if something happens at least you know who to go after. If you ever use an unlicensed company (which I don’t recommend) you should see his ID and take down his information. Therefore if damage is done you know who to sue. If you sue them and they have no money, you get an I.O.U., which is worth nothing. This is why I highly recommend you use a licensed company out of a nearby area such as Hernando County.

Hernando County has the strictest licensing in the area. In order to be licensed in Hernando you have to prove that you know tree removal. You must be bonded and insured. They run a criminal background check as well as a finance check on you and your business name. You must register your business name through sunbiz.com.  You have to be a corporation or limited liability company (LLC). Hernando County does not play around with licensing. If you’re licensed in Hernando County you know your stuff and you have your proper insurance etc. Now take Pasco County for instance they have a real relaxed license. If you’re eighteen and have a state ID or driver’s license, for about thirty bucks you can become a tree man. So about the only thing they do to protect their residents is ID the tree company. You don’t know what kind of crimes they have committed; you don’t know what their finances are like or even if they know how to cut down a tree or what a chain saw is. And in Pasco it’s not a contractor license it’s just an occupational license for tax purposes.  The only protection they offer for tree removal is they have the owner’s ID on record.


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