Licensing in Hernando County

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Because of strict licensing, Hernando is by far the best county in Florida for both tree removal companies and residents. The reason it’s good for tree removal companies is they don’t have every Tom, Dick, and Harry chopping up trees. If unlicensed tree companies get caught removing trees in Hernando they are fined. If a home owner is caught hiring an unlicensed tree company they can be fined too. Unlicensed tree companies cannot run ads for tree removal. They cannot bid on a tree removal job. They cannot remove trees.

Beware of shady business practices in Hernando County
Because of strict licensing requirements in Hernando County, other businesses resort to con man tactics to cut corners.
• They try to work on the weekend when the county’s closed.
• Some show Pasco county licenses.
• They tell customers that the license is good for all Florida counties, but this is not the truth.
• Some of these unlicensed guys ask for money up front and never come back.

Why licensing matters to you
Strict licensing is good for customers because the county has done all the work for them. They have checked background, insurance, bond, and competence. All their information is on file.

I have a Hernando County license and a Pasco County license, but the Pasco license is a joke! Pasco does not ask for insurance, bond, or experience. It’s only an occupation license for tax purposes. Anyone 18 years old with an ID can get one for around 30 dollars.

Most people in Pasco do not even know a Pasco tree license is junk. Most people believe that if the county gives a tree removal license they must know tree work. It’s pretty bad when you can get a tree removal license and not know anything about trees! Imagine if the state didn’t regulate doctors, and anyone could get a medical license for 30 dollars. With all the pill mills in Florida maybe the state is not doing so well!

Before hiring a tree company in Hernando County call 352-754-4050 to verify licenses. I have several customers from Pasco that call me because they know Pasco licenses hold no merit. If you live in Pasco call Jon David Tree Service if you want the job done right.


Licensed, bonded and insured - Jon Davis Tree Service does more then tree trimming and cutting, they also do tree removal. Have a limb hanging over a powerline near your house - Jon Davis is the company to call for the job.
Licensing in Hernando County
Date Published: 03/18/2015
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