What tree company should I use?

The first thing you should do when looking for a tree service is call the county and get a list of the companies that are licensed in the your county. Now that you got it narrowed down to the licensed tree companies, go to the better business bureau web page and check the reviews on those companies. With the better business bureau the only way a company can remedy a bad review is by going the extra mile to please the complaining customer and even then the original review is still there for you to read – it just tells you how the company took care of the problem.  Unlike the Better Business Bureau – some of the other companies like yelp and yellowpages.com, you may not get a accurate review. With sites like those, anybody can put reviews on there whether they had work done or not so another tree company can put bad reviews on another tree company or if you fire a employee they can put a bad review on you saying you came out to there house and did a job and dropped a tree on their house.  It doesn’t have to be true on these sites.  I have personally put a review on yellowpages.com, my review was posted on a unlicensed company.  My review said this company is not licensed, the company was advertising with yellowpages.com and yellowpages.com removed the review for them.  If your paying a company to advertise with them 9 out of 10 times they will remove a bad review.  The better business bureau will not, they will just show how you fixed the problem.  I always go with someone who is credited by the better business bureau.  It just seems like these business’s since there credited want to make there customers happy because they don’t want any bad reviews – logically its bad for business.  Now that you have it narrowed down,  one by licensed tree companies, two by high rating like A rating with the better business bureau, three by making sure there credited with the better business bureau. Now you should have your search narrowed down to just a handful or less.  Now its time to look at their webpages, and you should be able to narrow it down to at least three tree services. Now call them up and get a estimate. By using this procedure I think you will see that you have narrowed it down to the best of the best. And you wont have some guy come knocking on your door with a budlight in his hand to do your tree work.  If you live in Hernando county Florida you should use Jon Davis Tree Service. www.jondavistreeservice.com 352-799-3494.


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