Tree Service In The City Of Brooksville


Tree Service in the City of Brooksville

The city of Brooksville doesn’t protect their residents from problems that commonly arise out of tree service work. If you have read my early articles you will know what I’m talking about. For those who haven’t let me go into it a little bit. Our main concern is the city of Brooksville doesn’t require any license for tree trimming.

Horror Stories

There are several so-called unlicensed tree companies working in the Brooksville area. They have very little or no experience trimming trees. I’m a second generation tree man and I have seen it all over the years. I have gone to finish jobs that so-called tree men have started. One job in particular was a pine tree hanging over a house. The tree was half way cut through and a so-called tree guy’s rope broke. We got to the job and put a real rope in the tree and saved the house. The problem was the tree man was inexperienced with his equipment. Instead of buying a tree rope that at a half inch holds 7000 pounds, he bought a half inch rope from Lowes that only holds 500 lbs.  The 7,000 lb. rope cost $200 – the 500 lb. Lowes rope was only $30. So by trying to save a hundred and fifty dollars he almost dropped a tree on a customer’s house. So as with rope it is with tree men: you get what you pay for. Try to save $150 by hiring the unlicensed guys, pay $5000 to repair your house!

How To Spot The Professionals

Most licensed tree companies only trim and remove trees. So if you’re looking for a tree company and their ad reads as such: “We do tree work, clean gutters, wash your fence, and paint your dog’s butt red” – more than likely they’re not tree experts. You want an ad that reads more like this: “Tree removal, trimming, pruning, de-mossing, bracing, fertilizing, injections.” Use your brain. If their ad says they do everything, they’re a handy man, not a tree expert.

The question I ask you is: if you’re going to get a tooth filled would you call a handy man or a dentist? If you have a 5,000 lb. limb hanging over your house that you want removed you definitely don’t want an over confident idiot doing it. So protect yourself. Hire a licensed contractor. If you’re getting trees trimmed over your house, you want someone who knows what they’re doing. For two reasons: the first being you want no property damage. And the second, you don’t want your tree butchered and later dying because of this.

Brooksville doesn’t require any kind of license for tree work. Therefore, your best bet in the Brooksville area is to a hire a Hernando County tree company that is licensed. By doing so you will protect yourself against damages. All Hernando County licensed tree companies are insured and bonded. Check the license and make sure it is legit. To verify licensing you can call Hernando County at 352-754-4050.


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Tree Service in the CIty Of Brooksville
Date Published: 03/18/2015
This is a great article, I didn't know you had to be licensed in Hernando County to cut trees down - I am very glad I read this article before I hired someone unlicensed and uninsured
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