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Door Knockers

Door knockers are these people who come by unannounced and knock on your door. They come by and ask you if you need tree work done. Beware of this scam! Most professional companies that are licensed advertise, they don’t knock on your door and ask for work.  Most counties you can’t advertise for something you’re not licensed for. So since the door knockers can’t advertise they sneak around and try to come up with other ways to procure the job. A very high percentage of the door knockers are “criminals” who can’t get a license. In the tree business we call them ghost tree services – that’s because, it’s hard to trace them.  They constantly change the name of their tree service and their phone number so that the county can’t catch up with them.  We have one here in town and the Hernando county has been trying to catch up with them.  This Hernando county tree company is one you really need to avoid. In a month and a half he went from R&B tree service to affordable tree service to top notch tree service.  He bids jobs and tries to get half the money up front, and once he gets half the money upfront he never comes back to do the job.  Another one of his scams is he will start the job and then brings you the bills. When you pay him he goes to get lunch and he never comes back.  This is why he has to change his name every week.  The best thing you can do when someone knocks on your door is tell them you don’t need anything right now cause you don’t have any money.  After they leave call 911 and tell them someone knocked on your door asking for work.  Describe what they looked like to the police if they have time they will send a unit out to stop and question them.  A lot of times they will have a stolen trailer, no drive license, or no truck insurance. So to help clean up your neighborhood and door knockers, I recommend you always call the police on door knockers and let them decide if they are a professional company or a professional criminal, so you can stay anonymous.  When you are looking for a tree service call the county licensing department. They can send you where to go online to find the license companies.

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Door knockers
Date Published: 02/05/2015
Awesome article. Do you know how many people have come to my door. I am glad that I procrastinated. Hernando county must be filled with these door knockers. Now, off to make an informed decision, thank you very much!
5 / 5 stars